What to Do in a Crash

1. Call 911, ask for the police and EMS.
2. All parties, including the driver, are required by law to stay at the scene of the crash until police arrive to take an accident report. *
3. Get names and phone numbers of the witness(es)-the more, the better. Get the license plate, name, phone, address and date of birth of all parties involved in the crash.
4. If the motorist refuses to stay or provide ID, get his or her license plate number and state of issue.

*If you leave the scene in an ambulance, you can follow up with the appropriate police precinct

1. Request that the police take an accident report (this is required of them). Be sure that your account of the crash is reflected in the report narrative.
2. Get the reporting officer's name, badge number and precinct or command.
3. Ask the officer to write a summons for the person that hit you. If you have been doored, tell the officer it is a violation of NYC Traffic Rules: Paragraph 4-12 C and State VTL Art. 33 Para. 1214.
4. If you are hurt, go with the EMS to a hospital. A doctor's report of your injury can be important for future legal action. If you leave the scene without receiving a copy of your police report, you can contact the appropriate precinct to ensure that one has been filed and that you get a copy.

1. Request an abstract of the driver's record from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There is a fee of $5 to $10 and you'll need the driver's full name and date of birth. Call 518-474-0841. The abstract should have details of the driver's history of crashes, summonses, convictions and license suspensions for the last four years.
2. Put the crash in the driver's record: File an MV 104 with the NYS DMV. Fill out this form, available at DMV offices, noting injury and property damage.
3. Photograph your injuries if appropriate.
4. Call a lawyer for additional help.