We know - and studies show - that more bicyclists make for safer cycling, and safer cycling will encourage more people to get out and ride. This is a virtuous cycle that we can work together to continue. Either as individuals or as a relatively small group of 140,000 cyclists in a city with a population of 8 million, cyclists are going to have to work with other street users to make our streets safer. In this effort, the publics' perception of cyclists matters as much, if not more, than any new bike lane or even scores of new riders.

As a new rider it can take time to figure out what is allowed and what isn't, what's legal and what isn't. We thought we would save you some time by putting all the rules in one place and suggest some etiquette that will go a long way towards our common goal of safer NYC streets.

That's what Biking Rules is all about. Creating a new Street Code, written by cyclists, for cyclists. Join us in this new moving revolution: Biking Rules for NYC.

Biking Rules Street Code

Rules of the Road

Know Your Rights

What to Do in a Crash